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Kontak is a technologically specific electronics cleaning solution designed originally for military aerospace applications.  For more than fifteen years it has remained unchallenged as the most effective cleaner for high quality audio systems contacts.
Even with the state of the art audio systems electrical connections are inherently imperfect. Two parts of an electrical connector never fit exactly, which allows contamination to develop and cause oxidation.  This in turn will significantly impair the electron flow and signal integrity.  Regular use of Kontak cleaning solution will maximise the performance of your equipment by minimising loss of signal and power in electrical connections.  Kontak leaves absolutely no residue. 
When used as directed Kontak eliminates all contamination and oxidation from your electrical connections.  Treatment with Kontak leaves no residue of any type.  Your music will sound cleaner and your video will look sharper.  Kontak is suitable for use with the following; Audio/Video Plugs, RCA Plugs, XLR Plugs, S-VHS Plugs, Scart Plugs, BNC Plugs, Banana Plugs, Speaker Terminals, Spade Terminals, Switches, Computer and Battery Terminals.
Kontak is recommended by the worlds leading Hi-Fi and audio visual magazines for use with all domestic two and multichannel systems.  More than fifty excellent reviews world wide are testament to the products efficacy.  Kontak is also especially suitable for professional recording studio applications.
"... It's amazing to see this stuff in action"
Hi Fi World
"... This is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you'll ever make ..."
Hi Fi World
"... The difference in sound quality can be dramatic - often the same order of magnitude as making an expensive upgrade ..."
Hi Fi World
"... for the cost of a couple of CD's, here's an improvement akin to spending a few grand ..."
Hi Fi News & Record Review
"... the sound stage seemed a little wider and a little deeper, everything had pulled into sharper focus ..."
Hi Fi Review
"... as if I'd upgraded to another price level."
Hi Fi News and Record Review
"... for anyone who has an enjoyable system and wants a little more from it ..."
Hi Fi World
"... you'll wonder how you and your hi-fi system ever managed without it ..."
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