Kontak Audio Cleaning Fluid
Kontak Audio Cleaning Fluid
Kontak Audio Cleaning Fluid

Kontak Audio Cleaning Fluid

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"The proof is in the listening. We cleaned my CD player leads and sockets, then the speaker plugs and terminals. On playback between each step, it was audibly more transparent. I heard greater inner detail, as if I'd just upgraded to another price level." "For the cost of a couple of CD's here's an improvement akin to spending a few grand."

Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Ken Kessler

  • Complete with 4 long contact cleaning brushes.
  • 32ml (1.1 fluid oz bottle supplied)

A very effective and relatively low-cost way of upgrading your sound - Kontak fluid is intended for use on all the connections, plugs, sockets in your system.

The fluid removes dirt and oxidation from the surface of the connection allowing better passage of current - The potential to improve the sound is huge - especially in multi-box setups such as active systems - a small amount of Kontak onto all Phono plugs, Mains plugs, 4mm plugs, Spades, just a couple of times a year can produce a very impressive improvement in clarity and detail levels

A Dirty World

In an ideal world, the perfect electrical connection would exist when the two parts of an audio or video connector act as one. The junction between the two contact surfaces would then present no barrier to electron flow and signal integrity. The result- a perfectly reliable transfer of music and film.

Back to reality, where all electrical connections are inherently imperfect. Being machined apart and never fitting exactly, contaminates develop and cause oxidization. Worse, connectors are often machined and the silicon oil used in the manufacturing process is left to dry on. Then stored in a box for maybe months before reaching you, it is easy to imagine the results, and that's with new equipment!

The Solution

Kontak is an advanced cleaning solution (CFC-free) originally developed for military applications. Kontak completely removes all traces of contaminates on any connecting surface. And the new formula comes in a single bottle, making application simple.

What's New

Talk to specialist retailers and up until now, they have not recommended cleaners. The reason­ residues left by the fluid itself, encouraging oxidization and corrosion to form rapidly and eliminating any positive benefit the cleaner may have had.

Kontak leaves no residue on the surface of the connector.

The Result

Once Kontak has been used the contact resistance between connectors drops to virtually zero, enhancing signal flow. The subjective benefits gained from cleaning a system with Kontak are improved bass response, enhanced low-level detail and transparency, and a greater sense of dynamic range. The more connections cleaned with Kontak throughout an audio/video system, the greater the result.

What The Papers Say

Hi-Fi Review, Ian Rankin

"The difference, believe me, was palpable. The easiest way of describing the sound, fatuous though it might seem, is to say it was cleaner." "The soundstage seemed a little wider and a little deeper, and everything had pulled into sharper focus, string instruments have more bite, the piano notes becoming tighter, losing any slurring or smearing of definition."